Timeline for The Annoying Hunt

*May 15th
All Applications are due* Any applications sent in after this date up to May 25th will be saved for backup.

*May 20th
Please have hunt boards out for people to see. *walk through for hunt boards and LM Check will happen*

*May 25th
Please have Hints in hunt boards and the Hint notecards are due *walkthrough for hints will happen*

*May 27th
Hunt objects will be sent out.(Objects will be preloaded with next LM so all u have to do is add your gifts)

*May 28th
Please have Picture of gift sent in full perm so we can put it on our blog.

*May 28th
Have Hunt Object hidden and ready for hunt. *walkthrough will happen*

*May 31st
Final Walkthrough of hints and gifts. Please make sure to set idems for sale of contents. We ask it to be contents because people like to get them in folders so it makes it easier to go to the next clue. *walkthrough will happen*

                                                                         *June 1st
Hunt Starts at 12AM

*June 30th
Hunt Ends at 11:59PM

**Any questions or concerns contact Gawd Godric