Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Official Order for the Hunt

Spring Break Hunt

1 ** Gesture*Batorz** - sponsor
Hint:  Landed on a Bunny

2 Plowwies Jammies & Slippers- sponsor
Hint: Number 3 said to number 12527410
 You’re the cutest jaildog I ever did see

3 Purretes - sponsor

4  Ritzy Tot- sponsor
Hint:  gatcha is best

5 KickROCKS! - sponsor
Hint:Always buy have extra undies over break !

6  Lazo Boo Kids - sponsor
Hint: 1.Gift: Im dancing with the Butterfly!
2.Gift: I mixed the colors - Red and Yellow!

7 Coootie World - sponsor
Hint: Who says a Cat has 9 lives?

8 FairyTales Gardens
Hint:  where's my tiara im the princess of the show

9 Royal Pain
Hint: I love Tattered Teddy!

10 Kidz Town
Hint:  Play- Doh Fun

11 Jinkies!
Hint: VIP?

12 QTs Closet
Hint: Everything is swimingly

13  Rainbow Soup
Hint: (NO HINT)

14 Harajuku mini
Hint: yumm chocolate bon bon seats

15 Dressing Darlings
Hint: Shoes Shoes its all about Shoes

16  itty bitty pretty thang     -- OUT

17 Rawr muffins
Hint:  Spring Spring Spring check out the spring clothing!

18  Etinceler {Kids and Family}
Hint: Between the two chairs!

19 Tienda de Textura   -- Out

20  So Berry Licious Boutique  -- NOT READY
Hint: Peek A Boo , I m TWO , and I'm Hiding from You

21 BelDimi Kids Gestures
Hint: (NO HINT)

22 Amazing Allys  -- out

23 Happy Tots
Hint: (NO HINT)

24 Absolute Girls  -- out

25 Soken Kids
Hint: Twinkle Twinkle, Butterfly
How I wonder what you're at
Up above the world you fly
Like a tea-tray in the sky
- by The Mad Hatter

26  The Doll Emporium
Hint: Am I stairs or a slide ?

27 Foursquare
Hint: While your here...Fill out a application

28  Razzberry inc  -- not ready
Hint: I'm hiding up in the backpacks section and I see popples up here!

29  Little Yellow
Hint: (NO HINT)

30  Sweets Treats
Hint:MMMM I love Chocalote

31 Bubbles Inc
Hint: butterflies love purple flowers

32 Boogers
Hint:  The better to smell you with!

33 Vicarious Vitae
Hint:I Love The Supermarket!

34  Sweet Seduction  - out

35 noozerz
Hint: Cough, Cough... i'm getting smoked

36 Rooms for Kids
Hint: Lego my hunt item!

37Les sucries de Fairy
Hint:I love strawberry doll (in kids section)

38 Aftershock
Hint: Look near the Diva

39  LoLo Ville
Hint:time to get out of your hibernation

40 *[..stuff]*
Hint:Feeling Girly

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