Thursday, August 1, 2013

*Back 2 School Hunt* Vendor List


1) SprinklyWinks -
HInt: Every Kid Needs a New Outfit For the First Day of School!

2) Lvs Kids
Hint: Meep Meep Find the Sheep!

3) Polkatots TD Shop

4) Dressing Darlings
HInt: Ooooo I am shopping for hair!

5) Love & LIve
Hint: yay! diapers!!

6) Snorkies
Hint: I am near a robot.

7) Aya - Toys - Origami - Fun
Hint: Bump Me!

8) Grumble Kids
Hint: Check under the big fat bunny.

9) Small World Photography
Hint: Around the corner is where you seek to find a yummy tasty treat!!

10) - Skip

11) - Skip

12) Little Monsters

13) Sugar And Spice

14) Ollie's Treasures
Hint: I'm playing hide n seek

15) PAWS
HInt: I dont bite but id lick your faceoff      (ADULT SIM)

16) Zonk!
Hint: You can find it in the darkness

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