Tuesday, April 1, 2014

*K*H* Bunny Hop Hunt - Kids AND Their Parents!

1. SprinklyWinks
Kids Hint Cupcake!
Parents Hint: : Flower Hopping

2. Zoobatos
Kids Hint:
Parents Hint:

3. Dressing Darlings
Kids Hint: Lets go Ride the Tea Cups
Parents Hint: I am hunting for children's clearance items.

4. Nightmare Design
Kids Hint: Is that a dragon?
Parents Hint:  Off with his head!

5. Royal Ragamuffins
Kids Hint: Purrrrrrrrrrfect Spot!
Parents Hint: : I'm very glad you're tall.

6. 2 of a Kind Kids Clothing
Boys Hint:
Kids - Hoppin Around In My Diaper
Parents - Whew I Need To Rest All This Hopping Makes Me Tired
Boys - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Life/216/154/21

Girls Hint:
Kids - My "LIFE" Says Its Time To Deliver The Eggs and CANDY!!
Parents - I wonder if they make these for sleepy bunnies??
GIrls - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Life/216/154/21

7. Marbles Kids Toy's & Stuff
Kids Hint: The boy who lived
Parents Hint:  once upon a time

8. LilyPop
Kids Hint:
Parents Hint:

9. Geekette's
Kids Hint: when im bad i get sent to the corner!
Parents Hint:  Lounging upstairs!

10. Say Cheese! (Not Ready)
Kids Hint:
Parents Hint:

11. Vicarious Youth
Kids Hint: Gift cards make great Easter basket stuffers!
Parents Hint:  I love it when my Mommy & Me match!

12. Geek's
Kids Hint: I always asked for a quarter so i can ride one
Parents Hint: I got a good birds eye view!

13. Twig
Kids Hint: Blink Blink
Parents Hint: OMG SHOES

14. Small World
Kids Hint: Somewhere over the Rainbow!
Parents Hint: Bad Kitty!

15. Le Mouse
Kids Hint: Light and dark skin, exactly in between, it should be
Parents Hint:  it is on a raised spot in the middle of the shop

16. Dropped

17. LoLo Ville (Not Ready)
Kids Hint:
Parents Hint:

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