Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Annoying Hunt Vendors List

The Annoying Hunt

1. SprinklyWinks
Hint: Camo is made for blending in "You cant see me nanananana!"

2. Nightmare Designs
Hint: Spiders are sooooo annoying!

3. Lil Big Me

4. Sweet Tots

5. Zoobatos
Hint: Don't be like a monkey and hang from that! 

6. Boomerang kids and family

7. Marbles Kids Toy's & Stuff (Not Ready)
Hint: Play it again sam

8. Dressing Darlings
Hint: I think I will go look at the hair

9. McKidz

10. Same Love (Wrong Lm)

11. Lilla's Toystore (Wrong Lm)

12. Enchanted Falls Studio (Lm Dont Work)
Hint: dont like standing in there 

13. Tiny Wonders
Hint: Time for an afternoon snack and a little nap!

14. Bunneh Gestures
Hint: Its so dark under here!
  15. Candy Moon (Wrong LM)
 16. Athy Designs Furniture
 Hint: Where This Horse Rocks

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