Friday, August 1, 2014

Back2School2 Hunt Vendors List

Back2School2 Hunt List

1. *SprinklyWinks*
Hint: I need shorts for Gym Class!

2. Nightmare Design
Hint: Wonder if the teacher dares to look for me in the graveyard *evil giggle*

3. Synsational Shorties
Kids Hint: I scream, you scream, we all scream for...
Parents Hint: A cold tasty treat.

4. Zoobatos
Hint:sit and have a drink with me

5. Bunneh Gestures (Not Ready)

6. Boomerang (Not Ready)

7. lvs kids
Kids - This lil piggy went to market,this lil piggy went home..and these lil piggies stole the hunt prize !oh my! Find the piggies and the prize will be yours!
SLurl to The Hiding Place:
Parent - futtery by..butterfly,find the butterfly and find your prize..
extra hint,ask the puppy for help!

8. Geek's
Hint: Walking through the door to a whole new world can be scary sometimes

9. Mckidz
Hint: Climb up the ladder and head to the skies, at the top of the tower is where your prize lies!

10. dropped

11. Itsy Bitsy
Hint: Shoot for the stars! (1st level)

12. Candy Moon
Hint: have a Seat!

13. Totally tots

14. Marbles kids
Hint: the book of knowledge is where i stay hidden in a cubby

15. *Royal Ragamuffins* (not Ready)

16. Small Fry (Moved?)

17. Sweet Ladybug Designs
Hint: I dun give a Cute Hoot!, You can look In the Clouds, or cozy up to a panda!  It's all written in the stars!

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