Monday, June 1, 2015

*Kidz*Huntz* Presents: Beleive Hunt

*Kidz*Huntz* Presents: 
                                Belive Hunt

Vendor List Below

1. *SprinklyWinks*
Hint: I am LUCKY to have people in my life.

2. Koala Kisses
HInt: "I'm going on a trip, in a magic rocket ship, zooming through the skies, little Einsteins!"

3. Closet Chickies
Hint: "Just a bunny chilling to the music"

4. Tots R Us
Hint: I'm feeling a bit sluggish

5. CyberKitten Bakery

6. Kid2Kid

7. Stray Kitties
Hint: All butterflies Loves Leena

8. Vicarious Youth
Hint: I Feel FREEEE!

9. Little Liama
Hint: Someone should pick up these blocks.

10. Itsy Bitsy

11. Small World
Hint: There's nowhere to hide, this store is to small, watch your step so you don't fall!!

12. Doodlez
Hint: Even Cartoon Girls like Ribbons in their hair

13. Little Deer
Hint: Do you feel lucky?

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