Saturday, June 2, 2012


This Hunt is the Lollypop Guild Hunt- Theme is Sugar, Candy & Everything Awesomsause!
Hunt Runs from August 1st to August 31st
For applications contact BabyBella Batriani
Date for Applications is July 12th 2012
Maximum of 100 Kids Stores (Hunt Order: Mixed up)
10 sponsor sports available
Vendor & Hunters Group:  **Kidz*Huntz**

                                    ** Rules **

(By sending in the application you have read and accepted the rules for this hunt)

*1. Must be a Kid/Child Store (Pg or Mature Sim)
*2. Hunt Items must be Child friendsly or related (preferable have unisex gift or one for both)
*3. Hunt Item can not be to hard to find within 30 meters of the hunt sign.(if farther away please have a path)
*4. Please No More then Five Decoys
*5. Hunt Items can not be inside other objects.
*6. Must have a Hint (if you have a store with more then one level please say lvl on hint)
*7. If they are not able to participate the hunt Please let us know in advance.
*8. If your store moves locations please send in a notecard the new landmark and Slurl- and New Hint if you move the item.-  PLEASE!
*9. If for any reason ur store does not meet the walkthrough checks u will recieve a notecard saying what is wrong and if by the next walkthrough u do not meet the requierment u will be removed from the hunt.

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