Monday, July 30, 2012

Lolly Pop Guild Hunt


1. B's Gesture Box
Hint: Candy for the winner!

2. SS Creations
Hint: Where can you get a chocolate high?

3. Sweet's Treats
Hint: I love Lollypops

4. Dropped

5. Lvs Kids
Hint: Oh no! Be careful, you may want to take an umbrella. You'll find the prize,when you find the lil guy
twirling in the water trying to squirt everyone in the eye! Need an extra hint? Follow the pink arrows ^_^ Oh my!

6. Dressing Darlings
Hint:  I'm going school girl clothing shopping!

7. Buglets
Hint: I can get quite wacky when I eat too much sugar.

8.  CapeCod Playhouse
Hint: Story time, story time, everyone loves story time.

9. Little Brats (Not Ready)

10. BelDimi Kids Gestures
Hint: Hungry

11. jellybeans Toys 'n Stuff
Hint:  Too much sugar will give you a tummy ache

12. Aphrodite Shop
Hint: How beautiful new coffeehouse they had made! Lets have a piece of cake before starting?

13. Dropped

14. Les Sucreries de Fairy
Hint:  I'm near kids outfits

15. Dropped

16. Once Upon a Time Castle
Hint: Every Princess Should Have One!

17. Dropped

18. FourSquare
Hint: Only a vendor will give you the goods, even a Lollipop

19. Jade's Creations
Hint: Yummy, yummy in my tummy! :)

20. LilDolly's
Hint: Lolly POP Lolly POP OH POP POP POP

21. Dropped

22. Rawr Muffinz
Hint:  I think you might have dropped your Lollypop at the Zynga machines!

23. LoveFactory
Hint: Cheers!

24. Room for Kids
Hint: Find the big teddy, and you'll find your prize!

25.  Grumble
Hint: Big bears LOVE lollipops!

26.  QTs Closet
HInt: Stepping out

27. MESH'D KIDS & Puzzle Gestures

28. Bees Heaven Shop
Hint:  "Some candies are really airy"

29.  Latreia Foot Fashions

30. Kids Korner

31. Rivendell
Hint: Cuack Cuack!!

32. Itsy Bitsy
Hint: Stories are really sweet!

33. Little Monsters Kids Store

34. Odonata (Not Ready)
Hint:  It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin ------ ------ -----

35. Shabby Strawberry - Tamasin Parx
Hint: Can I give you a hand with the hunt?

36. Anarya Design - Anarya Vhargon, 2nd LeoWhiteLighter Resident
Hint:  I think I need to poo .....

37. RazzBerry Inc.

38. Background Check Textures (Not Ready)
Hint: Rub my Belly!

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