Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Special Hunt

1. *B's Gesture Box*
Hint: Adults Do u Choose White or Dark?!?!
Kidz Prim:: I am purched just right so I can watch Everyone come in!

2. Shabby Strawberry
Hint: Adults Prim: Im just floating around.. you might get spooked if you find me!
Kidz Prim:: come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.. find me stuck somewhere!

3, Dropped

4. Lvs Kids
Hint:  1.2.3 Is it the prize you seek?
Look for the Bunny with the BIGGEST feet!!!
Adults Prim: Look for the Bunny with the BIGGEST feet!!!!

Hint:  "These are big pumpkins!"

6. Boogers
Hint:  Kidz Prim:: Smashing Pumpkins!
Adults Prim: There's a monster under my bed!

7. Mesh'D Kidds
 HInt:  Kidz Prim:: Snap Krackle &
Adults Prim: What Kids Dont Like Toys?

8. Little Monster Kids

9. Marbles Kids
Hint: Adults Prim: School Days
Kidz Prim:: Yummy Cookies hot from the oven

10. LoveFactory

11.plowwies jammies & slippers
Hint:  Kidz Prim:: Just ask the old man for some help!
Adults Prim: Just ask the old man for some help!

12.QTs Closet
Hint:  Kidz Prim:: Look in the back you wont be attacked

13.Sweets Treats

14. Kids Korner

15. Latreia FootFashions
Hint:  In Kidz Store  If you see a spider these boots will surely do the trick stomping on it!
Adults Prim: In Adult Unisex Section, Its not hard to find.. but with the name there should be some Harleys around!

16. Jade's Creations
Hint: Kidz Prim:: Ugh... no more reading! I just wanna hunt, hunt, hunt!
Adults Prim: Mommy and Daddy sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage!

17. RazzBerry Inc

18. Odonata
Hint:  Kidz Prim:: I have four legs but dont know how to walk!!
 Adults Prim: I think the ghostly figure was heading towards the light!

19. SS Creations
Hint: Adults Prim: ghosts may lurk in leaves that are low
Kidz Prim:: pumpkins find leaves high above

20.Capture This!

21. Aphrodite Shop

22. Glowbug Punks
Hint:  Adults Prim: Large, medium and small.
 Kidz Prim:: What a collection.. A cat, the evil, a green one, the sun, the moon and stars

23. Tofres'co

hint:Adults Prim: I found my people!
 Kidz Prim:: Does this hat make me look fat?

25. Twig
Hint: Adults Prim: Have A Seat!
Kidz Prim:: Have A Seat!

26. Yan Yan

27. Sweet Seduction
Hint: Kids hint: I am hiding from things that go boo, you might not see me but I can see you.
Adult hint: Weekends are da bomb!
Adut hunt prim

28. Vips Corner
Hint: Kidz Prim:: have you seen Snow White today? if you see her let her know i have send you to her and see will give your gift !!!
 Adults Prim: have you seen Snow White today? if you see her let her know i have send you to her and see will give your gift !!!

29. Kountry Junction

30. Sup Poses
Hint: Its not comfy but take a seat anyways

31. Grumble
Hint: Grumble Kids Parents Hint: Parents Hint:Up up and away!
Grumble Kids Kidz Hint: Kidz Hint: He He He!

32.Amy's Gesture Palace
Hint: Adults Prim: The ghost can see what the group gives free!

33. TigerLady Designs
Hint: Adults Prim: I'm Upstairs!
Kidz Prim:: I'm Upstairs!

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