Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dead Walking Hunt Vendor List

Dead Walking Hunt List

1. SprinklyWinks
Kids Hint:  Its better to NOT wear the shorts Durring a Zombie Hunt!
Parents Hint:  GACHA Prize right here!

2. Itsy Bitsy (Not Ready)
Kids Hint: 
Parents Hint: 

3. Synsational Shorties
Kids Hint: Look low, look high, wait gatcha!
Parents Hint:  Oooh shiney, maybe I can win the rare.

4. Sweet Tots 
Kids Hint: No need to water me, I will not grow.
Parents Hint: If you're checking out, please pay here. Just PLANT your feet next to the check out Counter.

5. Dani's World
Kids Hint: It is all about the web.
Parents Hint:  Lets take a load of out feet!!

6. Vicarious Youth
Kids Hint: Make no bones about it, in this hunt I gatcha back!
Parents Hint: I'll watch over you while you swim with your babies.

7. Boomerang
Kids Hint: Many Minions make light work 
Parents Hint: Im Felling a little Blue 

8. Small World
Kids Hint: We give a Hoot so we don't polute...Join the woodsy team!!
Parents Hint: The 80's were totally tubular!!

9. Zoobatos
Kids Hint: 
Parents Hint: 

10. Geeks
Kids Hint: Robo!
Parents Hint:  Search High!

11. Xeolots (Not Ready)
Kids Hint: 
Parents Hint:  

12.  Totally Tots
Kids Hint: 'Gift' the dog a bone!
Parents Hint: Kelly and Taylor are sweeping in for halloween

13. Basically Bratty kids
Kids Hint:  I Like Turtles!
Parents Hint: Meow, I love boxes but this one is too flat for me.

14. Doodlez
Kids Hint: right outta the box!
Parents Hint: I love the fishies cause they so delishies!

15. Littlest Angels Adption
Kids Hint: Where the wild things are frozen
Parents Hint: Big Teeth might bite You.

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