Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Black Friday Special Hunt List

*KidzHuntz* Presents:
Black Friday Special Hunt
*For kids and their parents*

Black Friday Special Hunt List

1. *SprinklyWinks*
Parent Hint: A Drunk Snowman Stold My Mommys Present.
Kid Hint: Mommy Said I Had to Dress Nice For Family Dinner.

2. Doodlez
Parent Hint: 
Kid Hint: 

3. Enchanted Bowtique
Parent Hint: silent night make sure someone tucks you in tonight
Kid Hint: better whatch out better not cry but go ahead and give it a try

4. ToddleTeez
Parent Hint: 
Kid Hint: 

5. JellyBeans Toys N' Stuff
Parent Hint: 
Kid Hint: 

6. LilyPop
Parent Hint: Mommy and Daddy sound dweet in the voice of a child.
Kid Hint: Happy Birthday!

7. Dropped

8. Family Tree
Parent Hint: Why not get a custom Ornament or Two for your trees?
Kid Hint: Light It Up Bright

9. Dani's World
Parent Hint: 
Kid Hint: 

10. McKidz
Parent Hint: Quack Quack, can you hunt out the duckies?
Kid Hint: Sit on the bear that stole Santa's hat!

11. JellyBeans Fashions
Parent Hint: 
Kid Hint: 

12. Totally Tots
Parent Hint: 
Kid Hint: 

13. 2 of A Kind
Parent Hint: Have a Look In Our Warm Cozy Store Of The View High Up
Kid Hint: Have a seat while the parents shop and have a snack and fill your LIFE up

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